TTS04 – Mouse in the House

Tia and Tommy talk about how they discovered there were mice in their house and how they got rid of them, introduce some free fun games you can play at their web site, Tia introduces the word cartilage and provides facts about mice, Tommy tells a knock knock joke and reviews the Geronimo Stilton Adventurer’s Boxed … Read moreTTS04 – Mouse in the House

TTS03 – Panda Please

Tia and Tommy talk about their trip to Lazy 5 Ranch, Tommy changes the topic of the show to Pandas, Tia introduces the word guffaw, Tommy reviews the book Double Fudge, Tia provides facts about pandas, Tommy tells two jokes and Tia makes up a story about a panda. Intro :00 Show Topic :54 Pandas Bumper … Read moreTTS03 – Panda Please

TTS02 – Funny Bunny

Tia and Tommy talk about their pet rabbits, Tia introduces the word crepuscular, Tia talks about rabbits, Tommy tells a joke and reviews the book Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook, Tia reviews the book Dumb Bunnies Collection, and Tommy makes up a story about his rabbit. Intro :00 Show Topic :28 Rabbits Bumper 4:46 Word of … Read moreTTS02 – Funny Bunny

TTS01 – A Show For Everyone

Tia and Tommy welcome everyone to the very first episode of their new show!. In this episode Tia and Tommy talk about the show, Tia introduces the word obstinate, Tommy reviews the book Fudge-a-Mania, Tia talks about lions and Tommy reads a story he wrote. Intro :00 Show Topic :27 A Show For Everyone Bumper 3:37 … Read moreTTS01 – A Show For Everyone


I think we may need to add in a few more games on our games page. I mean, we only have three games there! I wonder if anyone is logged on. That is, besides me, Tommy and and Admin (site administrator). Maybe we could add a chat room or something.