Our Podcast Themes and Other Ideas

You know, you will notice most of our shows have a theme. For example, episode 2 is themed on rabbits, and episode 3 is themed on pandas. One thing though, our first episode has no theme.

Hmmm…. I just got an idea. Maybe we could add a gallery of drawings, comics and other artwork themed on our episode themes into some sort of art gallery. I guess I better get drawing! If you have any ideas on themes, jokes, stories, questions, artwork, etc. you can e-mail Tommy, or me. Our e-mails are listed below:

Tommy—–> tommy@tiatommy.com

Tia———–> tia@tiatommy.com

Or, if you are not able to e-mail us, or you are just itching to send any ideas to us right away, OR if you have some other reason (It would take me hours to list every possible situation) then you could just add a comment to this post.

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