A NEW game!

Hi. I finished this new game to be added on the site. Game type? It’s called a text adventure. How is it like? You read the story, and pick what you want to do in the story. Is it boring? It’s pretty short I guess, but it’s fun! Will I stop asking questions to my … Read more


Have you listened to our show yet? You can find the episodes on iTunes or on our website. In our first one, we talk about who the show is for, but the other facts and stories are about different subjects. Our second episode is about our rabbits. (We don’t have them any more, though. We … Read more


Hi. I’m Tommy! …Wait you already know that?! Well then, Smarty Pants, did you know that I like cheese? What!? …Oh, phew, you didn’t. Well, Ha! Ha! I tell stories and jokes and guess words and definitions on our show. It’s fun. you should try it some time! Wait, how do you like The Tommy … Read more

Tommy’s picture

I don’t think I’m very good at this- Actually, this was a silly quick-made picture. I’m not THAT terrible! (There is Bob-swirly eyed one, Mr. Jester guy-colorful hat, Joe Curl-curly haired one and, finally, The Alien Midget-green one.

Short Post

Hi. I know this is a short post, but I just wanted to say that I am working on creating some games and activities. So get ready to have fun!


Howdy! (And no, I’m not southern) It’s been a few years, hasn’t it? And we have not been posting anything! So that’s why I’m here! I just got a pet guinueapig now, his name is Chippy. Chippy likes to be held so he can chew on people’s shirts and get petted on the head, exept … Read more

Tommy And Tia

Oh! I bet you didn’t know we have dogs!? And my sister has a Betta fish. I used to have one but it died. I don’t care much for fish anyway. Back to the subject. My sister has a dog and his name is Kramer. Kramer is on top of everybody all the time! My … Read more


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