This summer

This summer, my family and I went to Pennsylvania to see some relatives. It was a really long drive! Once there, we got to stay in a hotel with a jacuzzi! They had a pool, too. It was great. But for meals, I suddenly hooked on breakfast egg-bacon-cheese sandwiches. So that’s what I ate for every meal during our trip. I don’t do it now, I need variety.

Food…That reminds me. We went to a place in or near the Amish country farmlands. The Amish are people who don’t use electricity, but make great Amish cheese. There is a buffet and gift shop named Shady Maples that is pretty big and sells Amish cheese. The desserts were great. Then right next to it was a Shady Maples market that sells blocks of Amish cheese. A new room was being built there, too. That was also great.

We took the family dog, Cosmo with us. On our last trip, we left him to one of our neighbors who is a dog-sitter. He was glad when we came back. But on this trip, Cosmo had a blast, is what we heard from our relatives (that’s where he was staying. they also had a dog there so Cosmo could play with him).

All in All, we had a great trip. (But Cosmo might have actually had a better time than us!)

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