A perceptive perspective

And…………. I’m back. Well, here’s another pic!Yeah….. I know it’s big, so it might take a while for it to show up. In case you haven’t guessed already, this is an eye. Don’t ask me why I made this, it’s just there. It took me a while to get some of the shading right.

P.S. Click for the full image.

Gimme a hug!

This is a picture of mine. The stick dude’s name is Bob, who is a silly character I often put in random drawings when I feel like it. Just so you know, Bob’s mouth is always in that open and smiling position.

I’m back!

*Whew* It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. We should really get our pod-casts going. The thing is, we can’t seem to find the right time for it. How long has it been since I last posted? 1-2 years? I’m not quite sure, since haven’t been counting the years or months since my latest post before this one.

I have a new idea for one of our shows, but I’m not entirely sure as if it will be made, cuz’ we have another idea going on right now. I’ve been thinking (if I haven’t written this on another post) maybe we could add an art gallery here sometime, cuz’ I have a bunch of drawings I would like to put on our site. Maybe other people could also submit their art for us to post it here. That would be cool. We could also have art contests, and…. wait. I’m just getting ahead of myself here.

I’m guessing no one can really tolerate us being away for so long, can you? What is the word tolerate you say? You just might find out in a future show. 😉


I think we may need to add in a few more games on our games page. I mean, we only have three games there! I wonder if anyone is logged on. That is, besides me, Tommy and and Admin (site administrator).

Maybe we could add a chat room or something.

Our Podcast Themes and Other Ideas

You know, you will notice most of our shows have a theme. For example, episode 2 is themed on rabbits, and episode 3 is themed on pandas. One thing though, our first episode has no theme.

Hmmm…. I just got an idea. Maybe we could add a gallery of drawings, comics and other artwork themed on our episode themes into some sort of art gallery. I guess I better get drawing! If you have any ideas on themes, jokes, stories, questions, artwork, etc. you can e-mail Tommy, or me. Our e-mails are listed below:

Tommy—–> tommy@tiatommy.com

Tia———–> tia@tiatommy.com

Or, if you are not able to e-mail us, or you are just itching to send any ideas to us right away, OR if you have some other reason (It would take me hours to list every possible situation) then you could just add a comment to this post.

My new Game

So, did you like my text adventure I made? If you didn’t play it, then try it out! The game is on the games page, titled: It all Goes Wrong! We also have some more pod-casts coming up, so Stick Around! Another Question for myself- When will I make a new game or activity? Hmm… I’ll see about that! (see? I asked myself another question!)

A NEW game!

Hi. I finished this new game to be added on the site. Game type? It’s called a text adventure. How is it like? You read the story, and pick what you want to do in the story. Is it boring? It’s pretty short I guess, but it’s fun! Will I stop asking questions to my self on my next post? Hm……..yes…..maybe……I don’t know……..maybe not………..No way.

Short Post

Hi. I know this is a short post, but I just wanted to say that I am working on creating some games and activities. So get ready to have fun!


Howdy! (And no, I’m not southern) It’s been a few years, hasn’t it? And we have not been posting anything! So that’s why I’m here! I just got a pet guinueapig now, his name is Chippy. Chippy likes to be held so he can chew on people’s shirts and get petted on the head, exept he doesn’t like to be picked up! Hmmm….. exept you have to pick him up to hold him! We still have Cosmo (our cockerspaniel/poodle mix dog) but we had to give away Kramer because well…. let’s just say he left bombs in the house EVERY DAY! I might even start creating picture and story contests on the site to post on a separate web page (that is on this web site).
Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I have been making a series of silly pics of this stick man named wrong, because there is some thing wrong with his face.

About Tia

Hi. I’m Tia. I love animals (no wonder I tell the animal facts on our podcast)! Sometimes I like to go outside and ride my bike around part of the neighborhood until i get tired out. I love to Read, write, draw, Play piano, and even sing. When I’m bored, I well, don’t know what to do. Anyway, catch you later!